Worldwide presence

Worldwide presence
Worldwide presence

Dedicated to build strong and close relations with all customers and to respond to their needs and expectations, J. Dias Cooperage is sustainably growing and acquiring a highly regarded position abroad, exporting over than 70% of its products and services.


Early 90’s: First steps on export markets;

1993: First barrels sent to France. Between 2000 and 2005, J. Dias reaches the remarkable number of 10.000 barrels /year shipped to this country;

1995: First businesses to UK. Developing specific products and services allowed J. Dias to become one of the main cask suppliers to whisky distilleries;

1996: Opening of the Spanish market, still one of the most important markets for our company these days (more than 25 thousand 225Ltr barrels were shipped to Spain by J. Dias, in the last 10 years);

1998: J. Dias starts exporting to Asia, mostly to the Japanese market;

2001: Baby steps in two important South-American wine countries (Chile and Argentina);

2002: First container of barrels shipped from J. Dias to Israel. Ever since, Israel is an extremely important and strategic market to our company;

2008: The BVED program (Big Volumes Engineering Division) was created. A few months later, a sea container was shipped out to Taiwan containing dismantled oak vats that were later installed by our own team of coopers at the customer’s place in Taiwan;

2009: Three oak vats were shipped out to the US and assembled by our BVED;

2011: Mega project in the US involving once again coopers and our Engineering Division (ten 20HL oak vats were designed and installed onsite);

2012: As a result of our R&D guidelines and actions, Belgium becomes one of the most important markets for J. Dias;

2013: J. Dias BVED was hired to design, build and install four wooden washbacks in a new Whisky distillery in Scotland;

2013: North-America becomes one of the top 5 markets for J. Dias;

2014: Russia, Scandinavia and other strategic markets are already a reality and being worked as part of an integrated international strategy;

2015: Who knows…?