Quality control

Bearing our quality control strategy we have five priority elements:

  • Feedback from customers: a report from a customer, either good or bad, is for us a guarantee of responsive action and constant improvement;
  • Understanding the market needs;
  • Training and motivation: all our staff is aware of the importance of good products and services;
  • Mutual trust with customers as well as with suppliers;
  • Food safety: all the goods manufactured and supplied by our company are produced accordingly with the European framework regulation on materials intended to come into contact with food;

quality control



Environmental control

As a company priority we seek everyday for an environmental and sustainable performance of all our activity.

All our oak wood comes only from certified forests. A sustainable forestry development is a main concern for us.

Water is an important natural element for a cooperage. We have a source of good, soft, chlorine-free water crucial for our daily activity. Its use is controlled.

No chemical products are used in our processes.

Modern and rationalized management of all production processes bring us efficiency, productivity increase and the need for natural resources (wood, water) decrease.