Beer Aging & Fermentation

In contrast to wine and distilled spirits, beer aging was usually considered negative. However, with progress of brewing and cooperage chemistry and technology, most of the problems that were used to happen in the past are now under efficient control.

On the other hand, experience tells us that consumers generally appreciate the flavour of barrel aged beers and they do not always consider aging flavours as off-flovours.

Wooden barrels are more than funky ecosystems of bacteria fueled by oxygen. Results can be somehow predicted these days, but the process of aging itself remains difficult to control and flavour stability is still a concern. There’s plenty of science and knowledge involved.
Aging flavours vary between beer style, wood type, aging time and storage conditions. Chemical composition of beer changes and that will modify the sensory properties.

J. Dias has a great knowledge and experience of more than 15 years in the beer aging phenomenon and we are able to source different types of wood for different beers or brewer ambitions.