Wine Barrel


Developed by our coopers, the Tradition toasting protocol is used for several years by J. Dias with great results. Infra-red technology is now used to control the temperature. The Tradition barrel is a classic and consistent solution for specific winemaking requirements.


The Innovation toasting process is a result of several months of R&D and straight work with associate winemakers and wood engineers.

These barrels are toasted to a precise and rigorous formula and were design to bring up soft tannins and a light toasty character.


Available only in French oak and perfect to age Premium and Super-Premium wine, the Prestige is produced with tree year seasoned wood and it provides a great balance of flavours and texture, some spiciness and great complexity.


Available only in French oak. Toasting protocol and formula designed for the fermentation of white wine. The formula is adapted to different white grape varieties.